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The perfect synergy for post-traumatic therapy

The two therapies can also be used separately, but it is in the synergy that CHELT Therapy realizes its true power. Thanks to the antalgic and antiedemic action of the cold air jet, the laser beam has a greater depth of action. For this reason its use is particularly indicated in the phase immediately following the trauma.

TriaX module: three wavelengths

CHELT Therapy features the new patented TriaX module, which allows you to combine three wavelengths – 810 nm, 980 nm and 1064 nm – in one device.

The three wavelengths 810 nm, 980 nm and 1064 nm, although contained in the therapeutic window, are different from each other, especially in the specific interaction with the chromophores. Triax gives the possibility to combine these three different emissions, with effects on even better performing fabrics.

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Born from the collaboration between important international research centers and Mectronic Medicale, Chelt Therapy is an innovative treatment able to generate and maximize the main effects of laser therapy. Its functioning is based on the synergy between dry cryotherapy and HEL polymeric laser therapy .

Thanks to Real-Time Mec OS software, laser therapy management is simple and intuitive; the inserted therapeutic protocols and the on board guide help to use it correctly from the first ignition. The cryotherapy device has an easy-to-use capacitive keyboard that allows you to select different preset programs.

CHELT Therapy allows to perform a highly effective cryotherapy, ensuring a level of performance in continuous functioning characteristic in general of much more cumbersome devices.

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